Muses in Greek mythology

The Muses are the ispirational goddesses of literature, science and arts. They were consider the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, lyric songs and myths that were related orally for centuries in the ancient cultures. According to historic Pausanias, the three original, Boetian, muses were daughters of Uranus and Gea The combination of all three Muses, Aede, Mneme and Melete is important to Poetic Art.

AEDE: She was the muse of voice and song. She lends her name to the moon Jupiter XLI, also called Aoede, which orbits the planet Jupiter. The name Aede was given to the house closer the sea because from there the guests can easily hear the music that the sea plays with the help of the rocks.

MNEME: She was the muse of memory. The name Mneme was given to the stone villa because it is the house that all the family of the owners have great memories from living and growing inside.

MELETE: She was the muse of study and practise. The name Melete was given to the house with an ideal balcony for reading, relaxing and enjoying the magnificent view. Melete has also a big bookcase with over 70 titles.

HYPATE: She was one of the three muses of who were worshipped at Delphi, where the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle were located.Halki island was also dedicated to god Apollo and the proof is the three Temples that used to adorn it. Hypate and her sisters, Mese and Nete, took their names from the strings of the instrument called lyre. Hypate was also the name of the highest of the seven notes.

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  • Halkis Muses is a three house complex and a stylish villa in one of the most beautiful islands in the Dodecanese. The amazing view of Halkis picturesque harbor, the traditional greek hospitality of the personel and the beautifully renovated and well equipped houses, make Halkis Muses one of the best accomondation options on the island.